How to Support and donate ?
  •  Planning to build a Huge Hanuman Temple, according to our Hindu Shastra acquiring at least 10 acres of Land in lower mainland.  Sponsor the cost of the Land/DONATE and participate this Kaingkaryam(Service) for our future society has to get the fruits of our tradition.
  • Please contribute generously towards building the Huge Hanuman Temple "corpus fund for "STATUE OF SERVICE"!
  • Contribute towards the monthly Rental/Utility Charges for the temple Maintenance.
  • Participate in the Various temple Services Such as the Weekly Prayers like Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Paaraayana visesha Pooja, and Hanuman Chalisa Paaraayana visesha Pooja On Saturdays and Tuesdays with Preethi Bhojan.
  • Spread the word to fellow devotees and Anyone interested to participate in the Service to Sri Anjaneya and the spread of His message and Services.,
                                    Managing committee of Sri Yoga Hanuman Temple Society of British Colombia
                                                      is truly grateful to all Devotees and well-wishers for your
                                               Enthusiastic and unending support, without Which this temple
                                                   project will not be Possible. The Committee invites you to
                                                Contribute to the realization, development And maintenance
                                                                of this divine shrine dedicated to the Glory of
                                                  Lord Sri Anjaneya and the Principles of Sanathana Dharma
                                                                   in whatever way you are able to support.
                               We welcome Your suggestions and thank you for being A part of this divine project.
                               For more details about the project and to Find out how you can help, please Contact Us 
                                    Way of Contributions:                                     
                          Direct Deposit to 
                       DETAILS PLEASE CALL: 778-780-1914
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