JAI SHRI RAM! JAI HANUMAN!                                                                        

This Place is nonpareil and immensely unique in the whole of North       America. It is not hyperbole! What strikes the most is its astounding huge sized idol of Lord Sri Hanuman made of pure marble, signifying and displaying the power and beauty of divine source, and draws at the very first sight awe of admiration and thaws anyone's mind in reverence. Sri Anjaneya is said to be Chiranjivi And is present in the world even today. He is the link between the Devotees and God, for, as instructed by the lord, he serves, protects and inspires the Servants of God !

Lord Shri Anjaneya Greatest Devotee Of Lord Rama Greatest Devotee ever born on earth, Unwave- ring dedication to righteousness, Unstinting performance of entrusted duties, And unfailing talents in serving his master Lord Shri Rama - thus is described, Anjaneya or hanuman, an Avatar of Lord shiva.

Lord Anjaneya is the epitome of Pure Love, Knowledge, Bhakthi, Valour, Righteousness and Strength- is personification of all the Good in Creation.                                                                                                            

The Word “Neyan” means, the One who Is near and dear to you Eternal closeness, Hanumanji took birth for the sole purpose of serving His Master, Lord Sri Rama and Sri Rama’s devotees. Hanumanji’s surrender To the divine cause, and His devotion to Lord Rama was unique, exemplary and Unconditional. Hanumanji lived and Breathed the ideals of his Lord and Guru Sri Rama- whose divine personality is that of a true hero, affectionately honoured And revered by the masses for His virtuous Character, serene love and generosity towards all beings.

“Rama Nama” became A divine mantra and just chanting the name Of Ram ( Ra Ma ) helpted one attain salvation. Understanding the power of this Name, Anjaneya, recited this mantra mentally, served and surrendered to Sri Ram every second of the day. Anjaneya was able to subdue the Powerful planets and their effects and perform miraculous feats for Sri Rama. In fact, it is believed that every heart Beat of Hanuman resounded the name of His Lord Sri Ram !

Lord Shri Anjaneya - The Granter of boons, closest Companion and eternal guide For mankind No other means of spiritual realization, therefore, is as Effective in this age as chanting the maha mantra. Rama Nama itself is a divine mantra and just chanting The name of Ram helps one attain salvation.

Even today, devotees belief that wherever the Name of Lord Rama is chanted or referred to, Lord Anjaneya would be present listening to his name and Absorbed in Him, ready to grant to all earnest Seekers the wisdom, intelligence. Mental clarity to Solve all problems, peace, strength, to bear all challenges And wishes to fulfill life’s purpose. Anjaneya symbolically stands for pure devotion, complete Surrender and absence of ego or lower self. His Character tells us what we can do in our lives by Becoming pure devotees of Good, helping the weak, With self control, unconditional faith and total surrender.

Sri yoga hanuman Temple.

The place for your spiritual growth, Sri Anjaneya bhakthas need not Undergo arduous penance and complicated ritualistic practices to realize God, Undaunted devotion or Bhakthi and Saranagathi or state of complete Surrender to the Will of God is all that is required. This can be best achieved through prayers, devotional singing, meditation and self-less service to mankind. A sacred meeting place for the community to congregate and revitalize their spiritual energies is therefore much needed. The Sri Yoga Hanuman Temple will be one such place dedicated to the pursuit of Sanathana Dharma ( Eternal Righteousness )- where devotees can Gather to promote Love for God, Love for Truth and Love for survice. This temple Will be a place of serene beauty and tranquility, where devotees can grow in their spiritual might as they sing the glories of Lord Sri Anjaneya….

You can make it happen !

Largest Yoga Hanuman Murthy

in yogic Posture in entire North America.